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Bafran (Batzes Frame Manipulator) Diese Seite auf Deutsch This site in english This site in english

How often you would let your Minifig jump more than one nopps away? Or a MinFig should falling flying or stumbeling? Sometimes it would be just nice to let disappear the small stones, clay, ropes or Tesa Strips.
Previously, you needed for such post-processing either the commercial Photoshop, or the free "The Gimp" variant. But with both of them one must be first study to use them to be able to edit images later.
But with Bafran it goes pretty quickly and easily. You do not need a long training, no special knowledge. Bafran is deliberately held "simple" . So your the first attempt will be a professional result. And, of course, Bafran is freeware!
Download Bafran V 1.22 ( noch keine downloads) only from !

Basicly you have to know, that you have to capture your set 2 times. Once with the empty background (2), and second WITH your MiniFig(1) which is attached to small stones, clay or ropes:
01 02

Now you just have to import your images/AVI via drag n drop into Bafran, Image 1 to Layer 1, the background image/AVI (2) to Layer 2.
Just erase the blue stone, thats all! In Version 1.2 one can now import/export/render to AVI. The result will look like this one:
How exactly one works around with it, one can watch in the following Video-TrickTipp of Batze, the programmer of Bafran:

Get the Flash Player to see this player.
In further updates it will be able to import AVI sequences into Bafran, so one don´t need to convert AVI into Images before.
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